Why Every Woman Should Be Meditating

Okay, I know what you're thinking. It's somewhere along the lines of: "Girl, when on earth do you think I'll have the time to stop and meditate?" And, for the most part, I feel ya. Life can get insanely busy at times. That said, I'm not trying to convince you to meditate for an entire hour every day. In fact, just taking perhaps 20-30 minutes (fine, maybe just a quick 15 if you're super rushed) to stop and meditate daily can make a huge difference, not just in your daily life -- but during your cycle, as well. 

Premenstrual Syndrome can be a miserable combination of physical, emotional, and psychological stress, which can include bloating, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Whether you experience mood swings or migraines or whatever else, meditation can help. Meditation can be used to increase positive feelings in the mind. Those positive feelings boost happiness and relaxation, which then, in turn, ease our muscle tensions and counteract depression and anxiety.The emotional changes experienced during meditation actually alleviate your PMS symptoms. 

Meditation will put your body into a trance-like state, more restful than sleep. The brain commands the body to release good hormones, improve blood flow, reduce stress levels, and repair cells and tissues. Voila! Cramps are reduced, along with headaches and other aches, as well as bloat.Of course, you'll need to actually know how to meditate...For a good guided meditation, you can check out this site. Or, if you'd like to take your meditations wherever you go, download Meditation Studio via the app store.